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Believe, Faith, Confidence, Honest and passionate about my dreams led to the success journey of my life

                                                                    – Ankur Srivastava


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What I Do

Some exciting directions being handled: 

Planning & Putting efforts in the right direction.

Plan the strategies and would work accordingly.

I Coach.

I have been into digital marketing Coaching and if you would like to know more, I will be delighted to help you.


I Speak.

I have been counselling students and training  professionals over the past few years.

I Write.

I have been into highlighting the needs through words for a long time

Need Advice?

If you’re looking for a right mentor to reach your goal then this is the best way to reach me and can address your queries. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you immediately 



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My e-Books & Courses

I am a Certified Marketing Expert with over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Branding, PR and also have an experience in press release for the past 5 years ; published more than 100 articles in national media.


“ We are a very fast growing organization and our team will address the situation quickly ”

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My Story

Hi! My name is Ankur Srivastava. I am a Young Entrepreneur.

I have been working in press release for the past 5 years and have published more than 100 article in national and international media. I am having tie ups with more than 200 news media houses. I will do guaranteed press release distribution in Indian Publication and in Top Indian News Websites like Forbes India, Hindustan Times, Story Network, Deccan Chronicle etc.

5+ years of Experience in Marketing. Have been Consultant to 10+ Start-up’s. I am a Certified Marketing Expert from Hyderabad, India with over 4 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Branding, and PR. I have tied up with multiple news agencies like HT, Yourstory, Livemint, Daily Hunt etc.

Ankur Srivastava